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AI Driven Business Intelligence

Analytx4t Engine is a powerful data processing Platform which aggregates all data sources like search Data, booking data, CRM etc using advanced algorithms and machine learning and perform analytics to give a holistic view of Business Health via dashboard view and reports which further facilitates monitoring and decision making with detailed meaningful actionable insights.

  • Real Time Analysis
  • Predict Future Trends
  • Churn Prediction
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Product Analysis
AI Driven Business Intelligence
AI Dashboard

AI Dashboard

Dashboard Allow to understand usage of our own data to improve business. It tells about how the business is doing and how to find trends to make sensible business decision

  • 360 View of Business

    Single 360° view of business for data-based decision making consolidating multitude of data sources and examines every aspect of customer behaviour

  • Data Visualization

    In this era of information overload, effective data visualization is a strong competitive advantage. Our solution provides data visualization by deriving qualitative insights from disparate data through mathematical and statistical processes. These insights enable improved decision making and prioritization for your business