About Us

about us

We - a data analytics company, specialise in Intelligence for Travel Businesses

Analytx4t is redefining the future of travel Industry with data analytics and AI based smart solutions. By using advance analytics, Analytx4t visions to bring “Analytics Revolution” by changing the way travel companies organize and operate. Not only this creates value but also open the door to a new era of travel personalization that benefits both the industry and its consumers.

The market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is flourishing. Companies are applying machine learning to make better and faster data driven decisions. Leveraging consumer data and insights with the help of machine learning, predictive analytics, personalization of products, services and communication, and customer segmentation are among the key applications of artificial intelligence.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing Travel through Data powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our Mission

Develop and Deliver Data Analytics capability for Travel Fraternity

Who We Are

Creating and Giving visibility to your business insights through analytics to improve your business is what we are about at Analytx4t

Meet Our Team

Passionate, fuelled by customer intimacy and innovative thinking

Anoop Singh Rawat

CEO, Co Founder