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Text and Sentiment Analysis

Digital technologies are changing the face of travel and produce a plethora amount of data for travel companies

Using AI powered sentiment analysis technology and deep learning algorithms, intelligent classifiers like Contextual Semantic Search, we listen to what the market is saying about you and your competitors, and provide you a perception score of your brand and products by customers on various social media and review sites.

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Market Intelligence
  • Review Monitoring
  • Customer Service
  • Brand Perception
Text and Sentiment Analysis
Leveraging Text Analytics

Leveraging Text Analytics

Text analysis techniques aims at Interpretation and classification of emotions (positive, negative and neutral) within text data. Teaching a machine to analyse various grammatical nuances, cultural variations, slang and misspellings that occur in online mentions.

  • Role of Sentiment Analysis

    Uncover emerging trends from social listening and sentiment analysis of traveler interest in products from large volumes of text data.

  • Working of text analytics

    Text analytics starts by breaking down each sentence and phrase into basic parts. Each component, including parts of speech, tokens and chunks serve a important role in achieving deeper natural language processing and contextual analysis.