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Are you struggling to find actionable travel insights in today’s age, do you really have the analytical process to turn critical raw data you own into real time new travel insights.

Travel Intelligence (TI) might sound interesting to you as for majority of travel companies, this is the area to revisit or improve first in order to move to the next level of advance analytics.

Travel industry is heavenly depended on historical booking and seasonal data, however with Covid19 scenario, things are changing almost on a weekly basis, here the key is to focus on internal data i.e your website search data, current bookings and external data to derive demand data that will help to find new trends.

Companies have started to see new trends as per the new normal, such as users searching for short or long haul, which days of the week is the new booking trend, how the external factors like on and off of quarantine period and border restrictions are playing crucial roles in demand and actuals.

Analytx4t AI-powered Travelytix Travel Intelligence Engine have potential to bring great value and transform your travel business to the next level of advance intelligence by collaborating disparate silos of traveller information (booking information from transaction systems, mobile behavior (including searches, visits, abandoned carts), web and email data, customer service details, etc) to create a single, consolidated 360 view of the customer giving the visibility of business health as per new normal

Analyse New Trend of how People are Travelling through Data and Technology with Diagnostic Analytics

• What’s the Average Stay length as per new normal

• Business Segment Distribution across different months, country/cities, time of the day, service type and source of booking

• Buzziest day of the week

• What’s the minimum advance booking trend these days

A lot more…