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Travel booking behaviour and demand are changing substantially. Its time when travel companies look at catering the real time needs of diverse customers, assess intent of every user, analyse and respond to the customer behaviour

It’s a transformational moment for the travel industry and crisis bring along opportunities.

Travel Search and demand queries is fuelled by data, there is tremendous amount of transaction flowing through the API’s, how about leveraging the opportunities out of it by diving and drilling deeper into search and booking data and translating raw data into usable insights.

A popular method for it is called Dashboarding- where large chunks of data is crunched, condensed and presented so that it conveys the realities of businesses and meaningful insights could be drawn from it and gives clear understanding of how your business is performing by analysing your data, view historic data, current performance, assist with forecasting, monitor revenue strategies, Track Business KPIs and find new areas for business improvement by making informed business decision all in the same place.

Travelytix platform works in sync knowing what data and metrics are important to your business and perform variety of operations like extraction, cleaning, analysis engineering to prepare right data for you to make data-driven decisions by extracting unprecedented insights

Analytx4t helps not only turning into meaningful insights but help travel companies to organise meaningful journeys with tools and practices for tourism and travellers to embrace and embody as we wake up to a New Dawn in Travel.

Quick run-through on the Inferences that can be drawn from the dataset containing booking information for a OTA with Flight and Hotel data with parameters like when the booking was made, travel dates, length of stay, the number of adults, children, search source, demand data etc.

 • Bookings expected as per business segment
• What is the ratio of cancellation in different time period and are there any cancellation expected in coming future.
• What’s average guest count based on different segment.
• From which source maximum search traffic is expected
• Which is most booked accommodation type expected based on different business segment

However, a lot more is yet to be explored, stay tuned for the next release