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AI-Powered Chatbot – Quicker & Smarter Virtual Assistant to Automate Travelers Search and Booking Needs

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the travel industry really hard! Travel companies are in an economic shock since all the flights and hotels were shut down during the lockdown. However, travel services have now resumed. To cater to the demands of digitally adept travelers, travel companies have to recover themselves by seeking new ways to enhance the customer experience.

An advanced technology that has made a positive impact on the travel business is the chatbot. AI-powered chatbots are conversational virtual assistants that can interact with customers effectively and quickly. You can integrate chatbots with your travel website or messaging application to help your business automate search and booking needs of travelers.

About AI-Chatbots
AI chatbots also allow pre-programmed responses which help the customers set expectations at the beginning of their interaction. Based on the common questions that are normally asked in every interactions, these chatbots modify themselves by developing pre-build responses to save the time of travelers. These chatbots also build a smart UX flow for different types of queries and then build the responses. Also these conversation can be seamlessly transfer to a human agent whenever human assistance is needed.

Transforming Hotel Booking with AI-Chatbots
For every travel business, it is important to enhance customer relationships. This can be possible if they deliver the best-in-class flight or hotel booking process. Travel companies are now focusing on using AI-enabled chatbots and assist travelers with exceptional experience.

AI-powered chatbots help travel companies to connect more directly with their customers, resulting in quick response times and an optimized booking process by offering fast and cheaper hotels, and destinations based on their preferences.

These chatbots can also be used to improve the experience of booking a hotel room making it hassle-free by collecting all the essential information in the form of a simple conversation.

How do AI-powered Chatbots Manage Bookings?
An AI-powered chatbot leverage the power of artificial intelligence and can respond to a customer via SMS, messages, or email and update them regarding the status of their current booking, enquire details of existing booking, modify their existing booking, process refunds or payments, and send a notification to provide more information.

Enhance Customer Experience with AI-Chatbots
Travel companies that are using AI-chatbots will allow you to plan your next trip directly from messaging. AI-chatbots are human-like – they can understand simple questions and respond in a conversational style. Studies have shown that 25% of customer service and support processes rely on virtual assistant technology. Companies that are using AI-enabled chatbots can provide their customers with personalized and accurate search results to ensure the improved customer experience.