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AI Embedded Next Gen Travel Search and Booking Intelligence Platform to improve conversions and make streamlined decisions

With the technological advancements in recent times, the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analysis have disrupted the travel industry.

Travel companies are now integrating AI technology in their search and booking platforms to remain competitive, improve customer service and engagement which has transformed travel research with digital journeys, dynamic pricing, good quality experiences during the trip, and data-driven personalization and retargeting.

Are you looking for a Data Analysis Tool ? 

Do You Have a Single View of Your Customers and Prospects Across multiple touchpoints ?

Analytx4t unveils TRAVELYTIX Engine platform for you that allows to track and monitor in real time the statistics on searches, bookings, cancellations, look to book ratio and performance of each client, branches, sales channels, device types, geographical regions, travel services and other aspects relevant to the businesses.

How does it work ?

TRAVELYTIX BI Engine aggregates data from multiple sources like search data, historical booking data, user behaviour data, CRM, Geo-spatial/location data, Mobile App data,  etc using advanced algorithms, machine learning and transforms raw data into interactive, real time visualisations with meaningful information which enables better decision making and predictions.

Analyse how People Travel through Data and Technology with Diagnostic Analytics :

• What’s the Cross Device Behaviour of the Users From Research to Booking / What Devices Do Consumers Use to Look and Book ?

• How to improve User Booking Rate?

• Find out Overperforming and Underperforming Segments.

• Find out Overperforming and Underperforming Sales Channels across the Geographical regions.

• Stats on searches and bookings by age, traveller type such as business travellers, leisure travellers, millennials, Gen X’ers etc to tailor new marketing campaigns for different country/cities.

• Anomaly detection in search and booking data.

• Estimate Weekly Bookings By Age Group and lot more.

Stay tuned for Next Series of TRAVELYTIX AI Engine Insights for your travel business …