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The Travel industry is constantly evolving, and so should you. However, this year due to the global pandemic, the trends will shape up the industry differently. Today you need to embrace agile methods of both Data Visualisation as well as Data usage to extract hidden trends and valuable travel insights where quick insights and responses can make the difference in increasing revenue through winning or losing customers or making the right market strategy, targeting the right customer at right time with relevant product.

TRAVELYTIX Descriptive BI Platform not only focuses on gaining insights from a volume of data collected over time but also use this to understand what happened and why for meaningful insights and day to day business decisions.

Some Intelligent insights which benefits the travel companies to grow their business:

  • Travel companies can understand market and consumer trends, customer demographics for destination and demand.
  • Compare trends over time or identify why and which services and distribution channels are performing better in one sales region as opposed to another.
  • Sales and marketing departments can analyse their customers search buying patterns in real-time, as this can help them to drive conversions, determine preferences and respond with more targeted offers, thereby improving the conversion rates
  • Evaluating the dynamics of the competitive distribution landscape, business will be able to recognise quickly which sales channel/cross sell services deliver the best returns.
  • Can Create segments which helps in creating differentiation, targeted products or promotional offers according to certain criteria.
  • Find the best time and place to offer targeted and relevant services
  • Determine the most relevant pricing for Hotels, Flights and other Travel Services to increase customer loyalty.

Analytx4t TRAVELYTIX Business intelligence platform is not only confined to visualising data through booking engines but it is about embracing new era emerging technologies of digital world like AI, ML which connects to your customer like never before and gives business users, management, senior managers, marketers, strategists, and research professionals the simplest way to tap into big and disparate datasets and extract true analytical insights by aggregating data from multiple data sources.

Businesses now not only want to have some basic reports, but they are keen to understand how data can bring difference to their decision making by analysing the insightful intelligence.

  1. Predict emerging trends in advance
  2. Forecast sales
  3. Uncover Hidden Business Opportunities which is not visible with the text data,
  4. Number of Bookings expected in near future, for specific Customer or Agent
  5. Bookings / cancellation expected in specific time interval of the year as per traveller type which further star category, hotel type, stay duration, pax type and number of travellers, number of rooms
  6. Possibility of initiated booking to be completed or churned
  7. Top Destination where in maximum bookings are expected
  8. Optimising sales, marketing cost and operational cost