The Future of Travel Innovation in the era of economic crisis

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COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has gripped the world today and its effects are quite adverse. The business landscape has changed fundamentally and tomorrow will demand restructuring. Even after all of this, one need not worry as businesses should be ready for the coming recession and leverage this time as an opportunity to analyse every source of revenue by embracing new emerging technologies data analytics and Artificial Intelligence shaping the New Normal. Analytx4t Lab have come up with novel ways to boost this industry by curbing risk and save money by optimize operations and marketing resources.  Even though the tough times, technological innovation will continue and companies can utilize them to the fullest through the digital transformation.

This is the reason that new technologies would boom a sense of renewed purpose for the industry, as well as to the whole world.  Some of the technologies that would assist this sector in booming exponentially would include big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, predictive analytics and digital transformation. With a combined assistance of these technologies, companies and business houses would be able to efficiently transform this sector completely by predicting future trends with actionable insights and there comes a day when you won’t even need to fear of Covid-19. All of your conventional technologies would transform thanks to AI and machine learning.

The following section would focus on some of the facets regarding the travel sector that is actively propagated by Analytx4t Lab, one of the promising emerging travel technology company in the sector to support experience and information.

AI and Business Analytics Technology Disrupting Travel Space

We would now be taking a look at some of the novel technology trends that would be helping the travel business concerning Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Virtualisation, and Augmentation

  1. Data Analytics
    Data Analytics is essentially one of the travel technology solutions and it is considered to be one of the latest trends in the market these days. One of the most popular applications for this is to interpret data and accordingly drawing conclusions about the customers, business practices and their strategies as well. Big Data Analytics also aims to provide differentiated services so that you can stay ahead of any impending competition in the sector. Data Analytics would mainly help them in the organizational arrangement and change the way companies conventionally function, plus it would increase the speed in which they do so.
  2. Artificial Intelligence
    AI is the game changer in travel industry, the market players are investing hugely to reap the benefit of AI in long run. With the help of this technology, travellers can plan their trips using personalised and smart travel solutions providing seamless services to customers wherein the products are recommended as per user needs. Further easing their booking process with AI technology.

    Almost all areas of travel is being benefited with AI which in turn is imperative for the Travel management company to embrace this technology and prepare themself for AI driven business model.

  3. Machine Learning
    Machine Learning is being used everyday across various verticals and throughout the world, and now the travel industry has joined the bandwagon. Some of how Machine Learning is playing a role include smart customer service which essentially takes the most minimal amount of time to address queries than an average technical person does. Machine learning also includes smart travel assistants that would guide users in speeding up their day to day processes and activities.
  4. Personalised Virtual Assistant – Chatbots
    AI Powered intelligent chatbots are transforming the way travel industry interact with their customers by engaging with them for instant assistance anytime anywhere and enhancing their experience. Further assisting with personalized travel recommendations with seamless booking process. Indeed, it’s a powerful way for reducing cost and gaining loyalty for future travels.


Analytx4t Lab is gaining a foothold in the travel technology sector by leaps and bounds. The Company is propagating next-generation technologies that should be capitalised by businesses and eventually will help them in sailing through the tough times smoothly and hopefully, the peril of recession would not deter this sector from going forward.